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Tre myter om självorganisering och självstyre

5 Jan 2019

Det finns ett växande intresse för att skapa bättre arbetsplatser. Det gör mig varm i hjärtat. I det här blogginlägget vill jag utforska självorganisering och självstyre (self-management). Det vill säga de principer som inspirerar och karaktäriserar de flesta nya sätt att arbeta runt om i världen, oavsett om de beskrivs som agila, teal, holokratiska, sociokratiska, [...]

Three myths of Self-Organizing & Self-Management

5 Jan 2019

I’m excited to witness a growing interest in creating better workplaces. In this blog entry I want to dig deeper into Self-organizing and Self-management, the principles that inspire and characterize most of the new ways of working around the world, whether they are labelled agile, teal, holocratic, sociocratic, horizontal or progressive. Why? Because they seem [...]

Agile learning organisations with Sociocracy 3.0

19 Nov 2018

An interview with Susanne Pulverer, Leader of the Sustainability Agenda in IKEA India Retail, and of the Development of the Delhi Market. "In the traditional hierarchy, in that structure, there’s a smaller group who’s in the driver’s seat. We become a bottleneck for development. We need to find new ways to lead, organise and make [...]

”Thoughts for top leaders” who truly want to empower their organisation

27 May 2018

You know you need to change the way you lead and work – but struggle to make change happen. If you do, you are not alone. Re-inventing Organisations, by Frederick Laloux, gave many of us hope.  In his book he describes 12 organisations in different industries that work, lead and organise in fundamentally new ways. [...]

Excitement and Growth

27 Mar 2018

Confusion, frustration, polarisation and even conflict seem to be unavoidable facets of the era we work and live in - a time of great complexity and rapid, often disruptive, change. And - sometimes well hidden - there’s also excitement and growth. I'm delighted to share my new Learning Portal with you - with the aim [...]