”Thoughts for top leaders” who truly want to empower their organisation

You know you need to change the way you lead and work – but struggle to make change happen. If you do, you are not alone. Re-inventing Organisations, by Frederick Laloux, gave many of us hope.  In his book he describes 12 organisations in different industries that work, lead and organise in fundamentally new ways. Work-places where people and business are happy, healthy and thriving.

Laloux is now offering a series of short videos to support us on the journey of transformation. He calls his first videos Thoughts for top leaders. Here are some of his advice.

Organisational transformation involves personal transformation. If you are not willing to grow personally, don’t embark on this journey as it’s inevitable that we will bump into our own shadow along the way. We say we want trust – and we will find ourselves controlling others… We say we want transparency – and we will find ourselves having conversations behind closed doors…Explore your personal challenges with a coach or a trusted friend, and ask a few trusted colleagues to be your mirror, give them the mandate to tell you when you fall short of your ideals.

Spend more time reflecting on WHY than on HOW. What is it that really drives you? WHY do you want to empower your people? WHY do you want to change the way you lead, make decisions, etc.? People can easily resist concepts and corporate buzz words – but when we speak from a deeper part in us, from our heart and our gut – the conversation becomes something else. Ask someone you trust to help you uncover your stories.

What hurts your integrity? Is it the budgeting process, the strategic planning, our decision-making process, our controlling mechanisms, how we do appraisals, our recruitment process, the corporate lingo we use? Which are the games we all play that you are sick and tired of? The answer to this question can guide you in where to begin your journey of change.

Where do you find support during the journey? Find your allies, internally and externally. Seek out a personal coach where you can talk about your doubts, your excitement, your shadow and your challenges.

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/ Yours sincerly Greta Rask


27 May 2018