Brené Brown, professor in Sociology doing research on vulnerability and shame. Here is a great TED-talk with her on the power of vulnerability.

James Priest, Co-founder of Sociocracy 3.0, Effective collaboration at any scale. In this talk at an agile conference he talks about how S3 principles and tools can support agility and wise collaboration at any scale. Find more videos about Sociocracy at this link

Bonnitta Roy, creator of the OPO – Open Participatory Organization and Founder of APP Associates International. Her upcoming book ‘Our Future at Work’. In this talk at an agile conference she speaks about how we can put more trust in the wisdom of self-organisation.

Peter Senge, professor at MIT, the ”Father” of the learning organisation. A three minute interview "What is a good leader?".

Theodore Zeldin, historian and professor of philosophy at Oxford University, shares his beautiful perspective on the Art of Listening. He has devoted most of his life to listening, ”also to the dead”, and advocates for real conversations and why it matters, in our private lives, at work and in society as a whole.

Profoundly entertaining and inspiring. Itay Talgam shows us how to ”lead like the great conductors”.

Sugata Mitra, an inspiring TED-talk with Sugata Mitra, on what can happen when we trust self-organisation. This talk is about child driven organization.

Ricardo Semler is the brave, inspiring CEO of SEMCO. Semler is known for his radical form of industrial democracy. Learn more about this in this TedTalk. Find also a podcast of 35 minutes he talks with Frederick Laloux about the global interest in new ways of organizing and leading, and the courage we need to give up power and control..

Otto Scharmer, MIT, and founder of Theory U, leading from the emergintubeg future, and Here is a TED-talk where he talks about how we, as individuals and collectively as a society, create results no one wants - ecological, social and spiritual divide. He talks about what causes such divides and how we can overcome them. He points out that we need to shift to a mindset where we care about the wellbeing of others instead of just looking out for ourselves.

Otto Sharmer, MIT explaining in a 8 minute video the four levels of listening and why it matters for leadership today.

Frederick Laloux has studied a variety of organizations that operate according to radically different principles than those we have in place in most of our organizations today. See his book ”Re-inventing organizations”. Here is a 7-minute film with Frederick Laloux.

IZettle is a fast growing swedish based tech company determined to grow without introducing power structures that limit people’s engagement and creativity. Here’s a talk about how they built their people organisation from scratch. (they use methods from Sociocracy 3.0).

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